Monday, May 18, 2009

This just in from... where else? Texas, of course.

Real news story out of Texas today:

A family in Texas is saying... they've found Jesus in a cheese snack.
A Dallas couple, Sarah and Dan Bell, were leaving town and stopped to fill up their tank with gas.
They went inside to grab some snacks, and picked up a bag of Cheetos brand cheese snacks.
Sarah was eating them out of her hand when she noticed one looked like someone in a robe praying...
Moreover, they say it looked like Jesus!
The two have decided to name the snack "Cheesus."
They joked about putting Cheesus on E-bay, but they say they'll probably just eat it anyway.


janban said...

That happened to me the other day except it was grill marks on my pork chop in the shape of a cross. Yes, I know, UNBELIEVABLE!!

themom said...

Someone had the "munchies!"

kirelimel said...

I didn't so much see Jesus as a cheesey plastic army guy.