Friday, September 25, 2009

Here's A Bone. Poor Blog.

Well, my poor, neglected blog called me up whining for some attention. I've been either too busy to write anything or afraid I might truly offend some thinking conservatives while taking down their ignoramus "death panel" friends a notch. More on that to come, rest assured. Today, however, I serve up a mish mash of randomness that is floating around in my giant Scandinavian cabbage head this a.m.

1. Speaking of thinking conservatives, I sit next to one at work. We disagree on just about everything imaginable. Her hot topic is being pro-life. I am pro-choice. But, can we find common ground in our opposing views? Absolutely. She is VERY religious. I am not. But, do we find some common ground in our values on which to base our conversations and a personal connections? Yes. What is the difference here between this dear woman and the loud mouth idiots featured so prominently on the news? She is interested in and respects the opinions of others while maintaining steadfastly to her own. She respects all people and seeks to find that place where reasonable conversations can be held. She, rather than claiming to be Christian and behaving like a boob, is a Christian with values that are in line with the teachings of Jesus (yes, boobs, that is what you're supposed to be doing- LOVING not hating and dividing) and she recognizes the hypocrisy of of the aforementioned others. That's enough on that topic. I love her to pieces.

2. I need to make some time next year to go back to El Salvador to build more houses. I think I left a piece of my heart in that little village last year. Every time I look at my pictures and recall the time I spent there, I get quite teary. Anyone want to come with me?

3. Speaking of teary, I have been missing my mom and dad like crazy. I think now that the bulk of the family drama is over, some more grieving for my dad is surfacing. Showing my folks pictures from our trip to Europe would have been fun. Some of it I imagine is seasonal. I'm always weepy in the fall, but mostly I miss my parents.

4. Must lose 50 lbs before our class reunion in October. F*ck!

5. Even though I am fatter than I want to be and it frustrates me to no end, I have LOTS to be insanely grateful for. I have a job that, though hard sometimes, doesn't require me to leave my soul at the door. Though I would like to see them more, I have good friends who would take a bullet for me. (We'll test that theory the next time I offend someone at a health care rally.) I have a marvelous and extreeeeeemely patient partner who puts up with so much of my shit that I don't believe it most days. We have not one but two homes, when someone I love very much is struggling to find one. We have two absolutely astounding critters in our home that every day bring us more and more joy. I am wildly fortunate.

6. I am failure averse and it holds me back. I don't care so much about advancing at work and taking risks there. I don't have much more aspiration in that regard. This is more on a personal and creative level. Lots of dreams, but spooked. Working on that.

7. I heard a story about someone that I have no love for who is sort of on the verge of self destructing right now. This person just really bugs the shit out of me and is selfish and cruel. I figured this day might come and always imagined that I would feel smug and righteous. To my surprise, I felt sad for this person with a hint of compassion. Does that make me a grown up?