Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Mesmerizing Life of An Aging Stereotype

Log of my evening:
5:00 p.m.: reading Harry Potter 7 in comfortable chair. Crystal Light and Wheat Thins near by.
5:45 p.m.: dig through closet for my Sof' Feet Callus Reducer.
5:55 p.m.: applied pore reducing cream to face then scrubbed pesky callus from my left foot (which is not as talented as Daniel Day Lewis's left foot)
6:10 p.m.: rinsed pore reducing cream from face; patted skin dry
6:15 p.m.: applied Acid Peel Serum to face; let it dry for two minutes, then applied Regeneration Chemical Peel. Need to let this dry for 30 minutes for maximum effect (no skin left on face probably)
6:45 p.m.: peeled off mask to reveal the skin of a 20 year old (who had been through a nuclear mishap maybe)- okay looked about the same as always; applied a tea tree oil nose pore mask; putting in tooth bleaching trays before heading down to watch Big Brother with Curt.
7:15 p.m.: peeled off nose mask- no major grease events on the mask.
7:45 p.m.: removed dental trays- teeth still coffee stained; will keep trying.

8:00 p.m.: walk the dogs with Curt; remark on the condition of neighbors' yards and gardens
8:30 p.m.: continue reading Harry Potter 7; crystal light nearby.
9:55 p.m.: let dogs out, give them their good-night treats, brush teeth, ready for bed.


Margaret said...

Sounds like heaven to me. How 'bout we trade places for a week. I can treat my adult-acne-grease-riddled skin and you can drive my kids all over creation while reffing fights about who farted.

Melinda June said...

you're pathetic, but at least you know it. =)