Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Finished Product

Last weekend I posted some befores and almost after pictures of the amazing work done by our friend Mr. MnMom (John) on our cabin. Well, this week, we got to see the finished product and dropped our jaws. It was far, far better than we could have imagined. Here are some after shots:We need to figure out what to do with all the wall we have now. Before we had one or two little pictures on the far wall. Now we need something a bit bigger. Any suggestions?
Our funky little north woods chandelier. No deer died in the making of this fixture.

The living room. Long and narrow is better with a high ceiling.

Another view of the living room with our fabulous new door looking out to the lake.


themom said...

OK, I am now officially caught up on your postings since I went on vacation. What an awesome job Mr. MNmom did on the cabin. It is gorgeous. If only more people took pride in their craftsmanship - but a lot today just want to "slap" it all together. This looks like a labor of love.

**I'm sure MNmom enjoyed the getaway also. She deserves the time to play.

Mnmom said...

WOW! It totally changes the whole look of the place! I'm seeing quilts on the walls, how about you? Can't wait to see it in person.

It's looking doubtful that I will join John up there on Wednesday. The kids just have too much going on during the week. And he said something about it being dependent on some glass anyway.

Little Sister said...

GORGEOUS! i agree-some of your beautiful quilts would look great on the big walls. AND I would turn that table so that one side can use the bench for seating and look out the windows-unless of course this disrupts the centering of the chandelier-
DON'T tell Curt that I offered any advice-I know how he gets. LOVE YOU!

laurie said...

wow. that is beautiful.

can i suggest a colorful kite for one wall? i have a big fabric kite someone gave me--i don't fly it much anymore, but it's purple and red and green and looks great on one big bare wall of my office.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

I love it. It's marvelous.