Saturday, October 11, 2008

He's An Arab

Watch this all the way through. First McCain gets booed for trying to calm down the frothing rabid masses, then has to diffuse a question from an idiot who thinks Obama is an "Arab." This is your base? Oh, and this all happened in Minnesota!! Lakeville, in fact. I'm so proud.


Melinda June said...

But I love that the "Arab" woman looks like a crazy homeless person with matted hair. And she slurred like a drunk.

Mnmom said...

I snagged this vid and posted about it at my place too. Did he stumble onto a monster truck rally? Or the Elko speedway?? Did I just commit class warfare??

michaelg said...

Uh, Mindy June, welcome to Lakeville. They all look like that.

MnMom, you can't commit class warfare when we're all headin' to po'. You and I just don't have enough money to commit class warfare anymore, even if we wanted to.