Thursday, October 16, 2008

One more day...

Just one more day before I'm off to Santa Ana, El Salvador to do a build for Habitat for Humanity. We'll be working on a community center in a Habitat neighborhood that currently has about 60 or so Habitat homes. Very exciting. We leave Minneapolis at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning (!!) and will be in El Salvador by noon. Needless to say, I'll be a little crabby; so I'll have to watch myself around the nice(r) Lutherans.

Getting prepared to leave at work has been nothing short of a nightmare. My employee C is still out recovering from surgery. I've been flying solo for the last 6 weeks and it is starting to take its toll. I talk to C a lot though, which is a great mental break. She suggested that I could get lucky in El Salvador if I pick up a tape worm. She said her mother knew a woman who's son got a tape worm and lost 60 lbs and didn't want to give it up because he could eat whatever he wanted. Sign me up! I doubt the story is completely true, but it is tempting. I told C that I would get down and drink from a puddle next to a dumpster just once to see what happens. Anyway, tomorrow at work I have a list of about 10 things to finish before the end of the day, then I can leave. It will be tough but I don't think I'll be staying too late.

Packing for this trip is particularly challenging. The gay gene for over-packing is very strong in me. So, it goes against the foundations of my genetic coding to see the provided packing list saying to only pack 2 pairs of shorts and 2-3 shirts and 3-4 underpants with a note in parenthesis that says "the hotel has a laundry service." Hmmmm. What if I get grease on my shirts and the hotel doesn't pre-treat?? That would be wrong. What if I poop my drawers (it could happen- think Montezuma and his penchant for revenge) and the hotel won't wash my poopy pants? Oh god. What ever am I to do? I think I need to sleep on this and try again tomorrow with a little bit clearer head.


janban said...

Have a great trip! When will you be returning?

Brenda said...

Some advice for packing. Pack your bag with the suggested clothing items then simply layer up yourself with the rest of what you would like to bring! Wear 3 or 4 underwear, half a dozen t-shirts and you could probably work out wearing at least 2 pairs of short, no? See, right there you have another weeks worth of clothes!

Have fun! Careful with that puddle drinking idea though - do you watch Survivor Man or Man vs Wild? I would process your own pee and drink it before puddle jumping!