Saturday, May 10, 2008

So much for aging gracefully


Recall all my moaning and whining about wrinkles, spider veins and other unpretty signs of aging? Well, about a month ago the Star Tribune had their annual Golden Gavel auction, in which their advertisers post products in an on-line auction and the public bids on them. On a lark, I decided to place the minimum bid on an Arctic Micro Laser Peel- basically the least harsh of the laser peel options- from the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. Much to my surprise, I won the damn thing with the minimum bid. Sweet and scary at the same time.
Yesterday was the big day for my consultation and, if I'm a good candidate, my peel. Dr. Mark looks me over and we start talking about the options. Holy crap! There were a lot of options! The peel would help with the fine lines and wrinkles, but wouldn't help with the spider veins on my nose or the oil glands that have come to the surface on my nose and cheeks. So, for a small amount extra, he would laser those off before the peel. All of this, by the way, was sun damage, probably from my misspent youth in the carst topography of northeast Iowa. So, fair skinned children, tan looks good at 14, but not so hot at 40, or 42, as the case may be. Wear sun screen! I recommend Wexler Skin Brightening Daily Moisturizer SPF 30.
My other concern has been the ever deepening furrow between my eyebrows. Because of it, I tend to look upset or angry even when I'm not- and I do get comments about it (the looking upset, not the furrow itself). I thought about letting my unibrow grow in to try to cover it, but alas, the furrow would only look like an arrow pointing out the unibrow. So, I consulted with Dr. Mark about it. We decided upon, you guessed it- botox. Yes, I did it. Botox. No, I will not be a hideous mask like Priscilla Presley. I just got it in the muscles that allow me to scowl and knit my eyebrows together. I will still be able to move them up and down, thank you. And, as an added benefit, because the muscles pulling my brows down will be relaxed, I may even get a small lift in my brow so I won't look so crabby all the time. Sweet.
The treatment of the spider veins and glands was amazing. The veins were gone immediately. There is a chance they may come back eventually, but I was completely thrilled by the result. The micro laser peel was a little more intense. I held a hose blasting super cold air at my face while the doctor hit me with the laser. It was painful, but in the strange way, like little rubber bands snapping, and smelled like burning flesh (because it was). It only really got sensitive in the area around my mouth and eyes. After the procedure he covered my face in this stuff resembling Vaseline, which I have to keep on for the next few days, and sent me on my way.
Today, I look like I have a sunburn underneath my greasy Vaseline-ness. Later today and tomorrow, I should start peeling. Fun. By Monday, I'll still be pink and a little flaky but should be able to go back to work. Hooray!!


Mnmom said...

I . . I . . I just don't know what to say. This is too funny.

kirelimel said...

I am amazed...let me know what you think about that botox...I have a number 11 on my forehead too- vanity in highschool- I wouldn't wear my glasses since squinting worked so well...bad planning.