Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last one, I promise

I said I wasn't going to blog any more about America's Next Top Model. I lied; but this will be the last one, I promise.

Crazy, tranny, "I am the next Tyra Banks" mess Dominique got sent packing after producing this picture in which she looks more manly than the man. This girl is the one who a few weeks back didn't know the difference between racism and disrespect. So glad she's gone. See ya!

On a positive note, plus size model Whitney is in the final 3! Go fat girl! I've got to ask though, is size 10 fat? I don't think so.


janban said...

Hey its your sister J. Do you remember a few seasons ago that gal named Jada from our home state? The one who flipped out after getting her haircut? Did you know I work with her dad and have met her? Way more gorgeous in person.
Also, I would love to be a size 10!

michaelg said...

WELCOME, SISTER J!! It is about time you started commenting!
I remember her because of her fit. The haircut they gave her wasn't really good for her angular face. Made her look boyish. Is she modeling now?

Mnmom said...

Hey Sister J! This is the oldest sister of RJ and SJ from Decorah, grew up just across Locust Rd from you.
MG - fat would be me,namely, NOT a size 10.

janban said...

Mn Mom, I have been reading your blog along with Michael's and your sisters for months now and just never had the gumption (or know-how) to comment. I'm even starting to get my own blog together but I'm so not computer savy.
MG, Jada is finishing up college this spring which was her priority. Not many modeling jobs here in Iowa but I guess its always a possibility.
I hope that I recognize you when I see you again. People will definitely be able to tell your younger!!