Saturday, March 22, 2008

America's Next Top Model Week 5

Ho ho ho. I got a big kick out of this week.

Again this week, Dominique, who looks like a 40 year old soccer mom, proved herself to be a complete dumbass. She missed her phone time with her family and decided to blame the fat girl Whitney for her troubles, even though the phone schedule is posted. Dominique would not let this one go and ended up calling Whitney a racist. (Dominique is black I think. Whitney is a robust southern white girl.) Thus far there has been nothing that would lead the audience to believe that Whitney is, in fact, racist. So, naturally, Whitney is ready to fly across the room and take Dominique out. Oh, but wait. Dominique opens her fool mouth again saying things that indicate that she doesn't understand the difference between simply being disrespectful and being racist. Even the other black girls in the house were as drop jawed as I was. Dumbass. If you're going to accuse someone of being racist, you best know what it means. Dominique also was referring to herself as the next Tyra Banks, which lead me to believe that she was going home. Sadly it was not to be.

So, poor Marvita. This girl has been through it all- rape, living on the streets, etc.- and naturally has some low self esteem. Up until this point, she's been kicking ass. But last week, the judges told her she needs to deliver something more than the serious face she's been putting on for her photos and to soften it up a bit. Poor dear. She doesn't believe she's pretty, so she's completely lost in trying to make sense of softening up her look. Very sad. Marvita has really grown on me, but her photo looked like a sad clown and was so bad I can't bring myself to post it here. Sadly, Marvita was sent home this week, but had a great "can do" attitude to take back home with her.

So, out of respect for Marvita, I didn't post her picture. But, I WILL post Fatmia's picture. Hee hee hee. She did nothing to help poor Marvita this week and persisted in telling her she was ghetto. Skank. I hate this girl. There is no denying that Fatima has potential to be really pretty. However, she ALWAYS manages to ugly up an otherwise good picture. This week, she uglied it up with poor hygiene choices, for which the judges NAILED her. Check this out:

Girl, you are trying to be a model and you don't shave your pits? What the hell are you thinking? She told the judges she assumed they would airbrush it out. Now, don't get all mad at me and say that she's from another country. She's lived here since she was 10. Hairy armpits might be all the rage in ads for co-ops or the Michigan Women's Music Festival, but not in high fashion. Get some Nair, Fatima.


Mnmom said...

Oh MG, you are so right - that's gross! Not that MY pits are shaved a a regular basis, but I'm not competing for ANTM for heaven's sake! You'd think that would be a given.

BeckEye said...

Ah, you must be the guy Melinda was telling me about who loves ANTM. I used to do recaps for the show, but I keep forgetting to watch this season. I did see last week's and this week's. Is it just me or do NONE of these girls really look like models? Well, the one does. What's her name, the German I can't pronounce. Kartagnevennnanena or something. I could see her as a model. The rest of them? Pssssh.

I also can't stand the girl who looks like Suzan Powter. She's a catty little wench who acts like she's 13. But apparently people keep voting her the Cover Girl of the Week.

Speaking of racists, some weirdo left me a comment on my AI recap tonight calling me a racist. I never even brought up the subject of race, so I'm thinking that I must just ooze "Aryan Nation" or something. I always say that these days, calling someone a "racist" is like calling someone in the '50s a "communist." No one wants that label, so people think that they can manipulate you into agreeing with whatever they say by throwing down that card. It's so ridiculous.