Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Early Saturday

I think my 8:00 a.m. Pilates class is screwing up my sleep, similar to the way that worrying about making an early flight can mess up my sleep. Missing my class would obviously have fewer financial consequences, but I'm a bit of a worrier. Last week, I had a small victory in Pilates. There is a move on the reformer machine where we have our knees on the moving carriage and our hands on the foot bar in sort of a table top position. Then we have to balance a little blue ball on the end of our tailbones and keep it there while we extend into a sort of plank position. When we first learned this move several weeks ago, the ball kept rolling down my butt crack and thudding on to the carriage. Last week, I was able to balance the ball with no butt crack involvement. I really should train my butt cheeks to have lightning reflexes so they could grab the falling ball if needed. That's probably more dexterity than I need though at this point. Unrelated, but funny to me, was the time in college when during a racquetball match I smashed a ball into my friend Adele's butt cheeks and it stuck there. She wasn't nearly as amused as I was.

So, this week was a mixed little emotional bag for me. My beloved poodle Louis who is 11 went in for his dental cleaning and ended up needing three teeth removed, one of which was his lower left canine that has been troubled for years. Removing a canine tooth in a dog is no small feat. So, in addition to the cleaning, he required a 45 minute oral surgery to get that darn tooth out. I hate to see my little guy in pain, so it was a rough 36 hours after surgery. He has pain meds, but as the dosage was wearing off he was very uncomfortable.
A good thing that happened this week was that my boss gave me some completely unnecessary but appreciated recognition for my work on the leadership meeting last week- a visa gift card loaded with a nice amount of cash. My boss points out to me sometimes that I have the shortest lived victories of anyone he knows- meaning I completely forget my successes when I move on to the next thing. It makes writing my performance appraisal a little challenging, but I suppose it also keeps me humble.

This week, I was almost taken out by four different drivers- three were talking on their cell phones and didn't look when they changed lanes; one had been doing her makeup and talking on her cell phone- impressive. I always keep an eye out for idiot drivers as there seems to be an abundance of them in Minnesota. So, I was able to identify the potential for it in three of the cases. I have been working on not flipping the bird to idiot drivers and no fingers were displayed this week. I'm so proud to be evolving.

Well, I'm off to Pilates, followed by a haircut, some shopping and some cleaning. Fun.


Mnmom said...

MG and his amazing butt cheeks!!
Poor little doggie - get him some expensive soft food, although I'm sure you've already done that.
Those drivers aren't idiots - just ask them!! They are super proficient drivers that hold incredible multi-tasking skills that the rest of us lack. That they cause accidents left and right is merely coincidence. Or caused by OUR failure to realize that their cell phone conversation could save the free world and bring democracy to Iraq.

Cheesecake Maven said...

It has been my observation on many a trip up north of Rochester to the cities on 52 that Minnesotans do not know about one common road rule. The right lane is for slow or speed limit drivers, the left lane is for passing or for faster drivers. If you are in the left lane and there's a Honda Odyssey on your tail, it is probably me and my middle finger is just itching for an appearance. NOTE TO MINNESOTANS - GET IN THE RIGHT LANE if you're not going to move! But let the rest of us be on our way!

Good for you for going to pilates! That is hard work, but well worth the effort in the end (and the rear end!)