Saturday, March 1, 2008

Question I've pondered for some time: Why is it that on weekdays I can sleep until 7 a.m., but on weekends I'm fully awake at 6 a.m. or before? Today, I was lucky because I got to see this great sunrise out the office window.

I'm so glad this week at work is over. We had interviewed a new executive assistant for my boss last Friday who was amazing. We made her an offer, but on Monday it fell apart. It seems she wasn't completely truthful in the interview about when and why she left some jobs. So, I had HR reopen the requisition and I think we're back to the beginning. Meanwhile we're stuck with someone who can't find her ass with her own two hands and is a little psycho, if you ask me.

Tuesday, was the big leadership off-site for which I had been preparing for about three weeks. Somehow, I've become the guy that can take loads of raw information, simplify it, create speaker scripts, make a day out of it with various large and small group activities, and time box every element down to the half minute. I don't think this is exactly what I was hired to do, but its a nice break from my more common consulting and analytical activities. Anyway, the day was a really great success and I felt pretty good about it.

The rest of the week I spent working on analytics for a small IT project and preparing communications for the roll out of a project governance related tool set. I always write things so that an above average monkey can complete them. However, it is a source of constant amazement to me that people can take the smallest, least important portion of the instructions (like where to store their completed tools) and be dumbfounded by them. By Friday, I was ready to decree that, in fact, there are stupid questions.

This morning, I'm off to Pilates at 8:00 with no plans for the rest of the day until this evening when we're going the Home and Garden show where we will get to smell the displays of hyacinth, dogwood and daffodils. Spring IS around the corner now that its March. Hooray!

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Mnmom said...

Beautiful sunrise! But I thought your house FACED east. I'm so confused. We did the Home and Garden Show on Thursday. Be sure to do the food area - lots of yummy dip, grilled meat, espresso, etc.