Monday, March 17, 2008

Middle Name Tagged

MNMom has tagged me to describe myself using the first letters of my middle name. Here goes:

W: Wan. Minnesota winters leave me pale, very nearly translucent.

A: Asshole averse. That's two words starting with A. Ha. Even though I'm occasionally cynical, I remain, at my core, a bit of an idealist. I'm still surprised when people treat others like shit.

Y: Yard dweller. If I don't answer the door in the spring, summer or fall, I'm usually out puttering around in the back yard. Come around the side of the house, through the gate and yell for me.

N: Nervous-ish. I'm a bit jumpy, perhaps overly concerned about how I might be perceived especially at work, and have profound stage fright.

E: Eater. I love food- good food, really good food and just plain crap. While I am thrilled with great restaurants, throw me some pizza, a diet coke and some sour patch kids and I'm just as happy.


Mnmom said...

A should have been assertive driver - I didn't dare go as far as aggressive. I still want to try that cheeseburger pizza you mentioned earlier.

Cheesecake Maven said...

Great list Mike! Hey, I called the B&B on Sunday morning, you'd already left! I need your cell number sometime, you missed some great cheesecake batter! Hope your visit went well. I was at the dems county convention with RJ all day Saturday, sorry we missed you!