Friday, March 14, 2008

In Decorah

After a difficult last two days at work (menacing man with the longest face I've ever seen was really nasty and threatening to me- his undeniable paranoia caught me off guard, but I'm handling this bully ass bitch), I took the very familiar drive to glorious Decorah. I'm planning to see my dad tomorrow all day, which can be a little challenging occasionally, but I'm optimistic. But tonight, I need some Mabe's Pizza. I put a call in to my gassy friend RJ and need to connect with SJ to help me put away a large regular with extra cheese well done. I've ordered the same thing for years and start salivating the moment I reach to city limits. Mmmmm. Bubbly cheese and meat on crust. Mmmmmm.
Tonight I'm staying at the very charming B&B on Broadway. They're running a March Madness special where the rooms are only $70/night. Typically, I don't stay at B&Bs because I'm not the most social person with strangers and don't enjoy the quaintness of sitting down to breakfast with people who I don't know who ask me questions they often don't want me to answer like "So, do you have a wife and kids?" "Nope. I have a partner of 9 years. He and I have two dogs and live in the suburbs." Even this innocuous answer often leaves them speechless and we spend the rest of the meal with them avoiding eye contact with me. So, where other people pay an extra $100 per night for the company at breakfast, I'm a rent the bed kind of guy and short of staying at the horrifying Bluffs Inn, these are the cheapest digs in town tonight.
I hate to do it, but I need to go to Walmart to pick up the hygiene equipment I forgot as I was rushing out of the house this afternoon trying to avoid rush hour. Tooth brush, tooth paste, Tylenol PM (forgot the trazodone), BOdorant. I know I'll forget most of this when I'm there. What did I remember? Skin care products and hair products. Could I be a bigger queen? Yes, Virginia, there are stereotypes and with good reason.


Mnmom said...

MG - I think it's the part about living in the suburbs that make B&B people uncomfortable. Had you said a loft in downtown it might be otherwise. I like a Mabes with sausage.
I find stereotypes to be a real time-saver.

Melinda June said...

The pulverized meat product on the Mabe's pizza is it's secret, I think. It's no hamburger, and it's not sausage. Maybe Jimmy Dean sausage, but not pizza sausage. It's fascinating.

Mnmom said...

YES Melinda June!!! It's the meat on the sausage pizza. Pulverized to a tender turn and spread in such a way as to be perfectly even but not covering every single inch.
How DO they do it????