Sunday, June 8, 2008

In The Garden Today

It is truly remarkable how much can change in just one week in a garden. We've had ample rain this spring, but not a lot of heat. So things are about a week or two behind, but still coming along.

These are the poppies that I showed you last Saturday. Last week they were just buds. Look at them now! Holy cow!

One corner of our garden explodes in blue early in the season. Soon we will have blue and pink when the nearby 'Flame' peony blooms and some pink-ish irises flower. You can see some of the irises in the distance.
Curt and I love this corner of the garden this time of year. What a cool combination. It was completely unintentional when we planted it, so even more fun to see how nice it turned out. The columbines are 'Blue Barlow'; the spiderwort is 'Sweet Kate' ; the irises are old fashioned german bearded iris from our friend Caronline's garden; and the Arctic Blue dwarf willow we picked up at Bachman's three years ago when it was about 18" tall. You can also see a 'Gold Regal' hosta in the background. Fun!!

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Mnmom said...

Let's make a date to get together. I need to give you a big hug, then I want you to pick something out to put in your garden in honor of your Dad, and I will buy. Bush, flower, pottery, sculpture, whatever.