Wednesday, June 18, 2008

May I Bore You With More Garden Pictures?

Thanks. I think I will.

This is the inside of one of our favorite iris named 'Lorilee.' The flowers are huge and smell great.

This is an iris called 'BurntToffee.' Another personal favorite.

I love extreme close-ups of flowers. This is a pretty basic siberian iris, but the details on these flowers are astounding, at least to me.

Another extreme closeup of a siberian iris called 'Lavender Bounty.'

A great allium variety. This one blooms late and is lower to the ground than most, but is very showy.

This is a great bearded iris called "Thorn Birds." If you look just below the beard, you can see the purple thorn sticking out. Very unusual.


Cheesecake Maven said...

These are beautiful close-ups you took of your flowers! I do the same with my garden, thinking that someday I'll use them for greeting cards or something. Well, so far, I've got about 30 GB of flower photos and not a single greeting card produced. Ah, someday. There's always someday.

Keep shootin' those photos! GORGEOUS!

Mnmom said...

Can I rent you?

Scott J. said...

Nice! I did a fair turn with some roses when I was dating a woman, some years back, but we never really got a good garden. Except for the jalapenos and some other small veggies.

I feel the need to net-correct you, though. Your title should be:

My Garden - Let Me Show You It

It just resonates more with the kids, y'know?