Friday, November 2, 2007

Bleeping Computer!

I can't believe it. I got a frickin' virus even through my two routers, firewall and virus protection. Sort of like getting pregnant on the pill, I guess. (Pay attention teenage girls and boys!) A sinking feeling in either case. Actually, I was infected with what seems to be a yet unnamed virus that is all the talk on the techie message boards for the last 3 weeks. Glad, I guess, to be among the first. So, here's what the nasty thing did to me:

1. Took away all administrator rights related to anything resembling security, software removal, security updates, reporting virus information, etc.
2. Shut down my firewall and opened me up to all manner of malware. So, by the time I gave up, I had identified at least 15 different viruses and worms.
3. Once the damage was removed, I thought, I would reboot and the process would start all over again. Frickin' frackin' thing! AARRGGH!

After 3 evenings totalling about 18 hours of trying to repair the damage and about $125 spent on fixes, I ended up having to do a full system restore, wiping away everything to start fresh. I hate having to do that. I had to do it on a system before this one and just about cried. Fortunately, I had my 1500+ digital pictures backed up on my laptop and all my tunes on my iPod. Whew. Everything else can be reloaded if I can find the disks. There is hope in the darkest of times.

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Mnmom said...

Don't you just HATE that? We had a virus get passed two, count em two, anti-virus programs and completely elude the techs who ultimately built us a new hard drive.
My sympathies are with you.