Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Whole New Me: Update #2

I've been a little slow on the weekly updates, my apologies. This Team Weight Loss program thing is time consuming- 7 p.m. on Monday , Wednesday and Friday. Holy crap! I have also been taking some introductory classes on the Pilates Reformer machines so I can take group classes later. Work, eat, gym, sleep. That sucks. I"m even arriving late to a dinner at Curt's sister's house on Friday because of this program. Crazy.

So here is my official update:
Weight loss: Six pounds.
Man boobs: Still there. Less bouncy, not in my lap anymore when I sit.
Spare tire(s): Still there. I'm sort of between my old notch and a new notch on my belt. This is hopeful.
Big ass: Still big but firmer.
Back fat: Still there but seems to have shrunk a little. Holding out hope.

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