Friday, November 9, 2007

Shake Your Thang While Cleaning

I took the day off today to clean and run errands for a little event we're having tomorrow afternoon. If you know me at all, you know it takes a lot of motivation for me to clean. Having a few tunes on helps. A while back I made a house cleaning CD and pulled it out to help me along today. Here are some of the tunes:

1. Ain't Nobody..... Chaka Kahn
2. Summer of Love..... B-52's
3. Everybody Everybody..... Black Box
4. Don't Want to Fall In Love.....Jane Child
5. Pleasure Principle..... Janet Jackson
6. Intuition..... Jewel
7. Shine ...... Cyndi Lauper
8. Big Time Sensuality ..... Bjork
9. Perfect Kiss ..... New Order

Back to cleaning. If I had a Chaka Kahn wig, I would be wearing it about now. Love her.

1 comment:

madame_leiderhosen said...

Inspiring! Wanna swap CD copies? Cleaner House/Greater Grooves? Heck, I might even throw in a fresh rag and spray cleaner that smells of great ass-shaking boogie.