Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Raccoon update: Curt opened the door to let the dogs out before bedtime and at least three raccoons ran up the fence, then up a tree in our back yard. I went out with a flashlight and found one very cute baby raccoon sitting in a tree branch about 15 feet above my head. I couldn't spot the rest of them, but I'm certain they were there. Mommy coon is probably teaching baby coons how to fish for goldfish in our pond. They have been disappearing steadily. Naughty coons. Cute, cute, cute, but naughty.


Melinda June said...

There's a raccoon living in the old hollow tree at Sacquitne's, and it is terrorizing my mom's neighborhood. It sneaks around leaving scat everywhere. Apparently it's really, really smelly scat, as well. One morning he left it directly outside the sliding door on my mom's deck.

Just saying, the disappearing fish are only the start of your worries, my friend.

Plus, they all have rabies.

Mnmom said...

Although cute, they are rather like rodents. Cover your garbage, bring in the dog food. Ever hear the story of my Dad's raccoon Daisy?