Friday, July 4, 2008

More Pretty Garden Things

These little guys come for a visit every year to munch on our swamp milkweed. When they get really good and fat, they spin a chrysalis and emerge a few weeks later as a beautiful monarch butterfly.

An extreme closeup of one of our clematis that grows up against our garden shed.
Another extreme closeup of a yarrow whose variety name is eluding me right now. It emerges a light cream color then changes from pink to terra cotta. Now that I'm thinking about it, Terra Cotta is probably the variety name.
I heart martagon lilies. These little beauties will grow in part shade and after a few years make a huge clump. The mature clumps are really impressive when they have masses of candelabras covered in these little red lilies.
This is a baptisia called "Twilight Prairieblues." It was a single stick when we ordered it two years ago. Now it is a clump of about 40 sticks all covered in these subtly colored beauties.


Mnmom said...

So beautiful!!!!

Brenda said...

You could sell calendars with those photo's!

jilliebean23 said...

I love the pictures and your flowers!