Sunday, July 20, 2008


On top of getting to deal with my family this weekend related to our parent's possessions, I got hit with a bitch of a summer cold. My nose is raw and chapped, my throat hurts, my head hurts, my chest is congested. Waaaaaaaaaaa. Add to this family "discussions" (I am being kind here) about dividing up possessions and my weekend kind of sucked. Oh, and poor Curt got to be witness to all of this. His family was so decent about dividing up his dad's estate a few years back. I'm embarrassed that he had to see my family in action. We should be on Dr. Phil or something, only when the rest of the clan is fighting amongst themselves, I'll sneak up behind Dr. Phil and clock him one with a chair. Hard. (I hate Dr. Phil and his homespun, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps bullshit. What was Oprah thinking??) Anyway, the family drama is bound to just get worse. I just won't be holding my breath because I already know its coming. Nice. We are likely to be the third generation of the G clan in which some siblings don't talk to others after the death of a parent. I thought we might be different than previous generations and that the insanity over money might stop with us, but I guess there's at least one in every crowd to spoil the fun. Money and possessions just aren't worth the life long bitterness; but if you're blinded by "getting yours" I suppose it might seem worth it to sacrifice family relationships. Perhaps keeping my distance for so many years has been beneficial after all. It might hurt less when the family falls apart. Doubtful, but one can hope. Enough of the G clan dirty laundry. I'll try to write something fun again soon.
One last thing, NyQuil is a wonder drug in case you didn't already know. I heart my NyQuil.


Mnmom said...

Oh MG, I'm feeling so bad for you!! My siblings and I seem to have survived dividing the possessions, but not without a few choice words and some hurt feelings. I don't think any family escapes that. The best thing to do is have a will that outlines EVERYTHING!

This too shall pass, and blood is thicker than water. You just have to remember it's just STUFF and to the sib that's squawking the loudest, that STUFF represents unfulfilled love, or revenge, or guilt, or some other masked emotional need.

All that furniture, the house, the land, the car, etc can't love you back. Keep your focus on what's REAL and true.

Brenda said...

Sorry I we didn't connect this weekend - but I am not sorry for not being exposed to a cold! Mark asked me twice, "Did Mike call, yet?" Poor guy had the lawn all pretty for you and even made lemonade! LOL Next time! Good luck through the estate stuff. There is no easy answer - every family is kind of the same but different at the same time. Ours was easy - my parents had so little. I did find though, as an adult - there are things my brothers kind of reeled in their way that now, at 42 yrs old, I think, "Hmmmm - I wonder how they got all that....?" I was only 16 and didn't care about the stuff at the time. Ah, if we could all have that mentality again, eh? But then again, I had alot of zits and listened to the Bay City Rollers. So, I guess 42 with some life lessons ain't so bad. I should have wrote you an email, M!

Cheesecake Maven said...

Funny MJC, I don't remember any squabbles at all after our parents died, they had already divided most everything up for us anyway! I was really, really proud of how well we did it.

MG, my heart goes out to you and your siblings and I am sorry it is not going as smoothly for you. You know the cheesecake comfort is always here if and when you need it, just call and you got it.

Hang in there.