Friday, March 27, 2009

Cranky Randomness

1. American Idol: Isn't there an age limit on leather pants? Seeing 70 year old Smokey Robinson sitting there in brown leather pants just about made me throw up. Leather pants barely look good on the young. Drop your pants, Smokey.

2. On a similar note, today is Mariah Carey's 39 birthday. Happy Birthday, Mariah. Now go and dress your age. Go on. Put on some pants and a top that covers your belly, boobs and shoulders. No one in the demographic your music appeals to wants to see mommy-age titty and ass. And if they do, they're a little off, even for young people.

3. Could you just about strangle the Pope? This man shows up in Africa, a continent completely ravaged by HIV/AIDS and the first words out of his wrinkly old pie hole are that condoms are not the answer to fighting HIV/AIDS. What did he propose? Why, of course, abstinence. Because that has worked so well. Welcome to this century, dude. Whether you like it or not, people might just choose to have sex and if they choose to have sex, sin or no sin, why not give a blessing to protecting themselves and their families from this virus.

4. How much money would you give to someone who has treated you like shit if they signed an asshole waiver? You know, "I, so and so, am a big stinky asshole..." In one case in particular, I might give them thousands, then post it on a billboard just to prove my point. Or would that make me an asshole too? Two assholes don't make a right, or something like that.

5. Ramping up in my new job has been hard. Waaa waaa waaa. I'm done whining now and have returned to being really, really, really darn happy to have a good job at a great company in this particularly crappy economy.

6. Not so cranky: I have lost 18.5 lbs. Hallelujah! In celebration, I think I may have put back about 2 or 3 of those this week.

7. Why are politicians who are criticizing the greed of corporate America continuing to take political contributions from those companies? Hmmmmm. Can't say I'm surprised.

8. Norm Coleman, you suck. Just give it up already. Oh, and are the revelations about those funky, suspicious contributions from wealthy benefactors during the campaign going to help you decide not to appeal when Al is declared the winner? Pleeeaase, get a grip.

9. Back to American Idol: Danny Gokey, go home. You're a wanna be in decent frames.


brenda k said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Don't get down there too far though. You would be a really ugly skinny guy.

Um - that is a compliment btw. I mean - you are already handsome. You always have been. But I couldn't stand seeing you with concave cheeks. I would hate that. And your weight loss is ALL about me.....;)

Dale said...

It was nice to read some not so cranky news part way through there. Eff American Idol, Eff the Pope and Eff the rest of the Effers that are making you so effing cranky. Eff!

themom said...

Heehee - lovin' Dale's comments. As for the Pope....what can I say? You don't play the game-you don't make the rules! There seems to be a force at work in issuing the new condoms saying "the Pope says NO!"

Mnmom said...

Norm Coleman - go home.

Coaster Punchman said...

Danny Gokey is kind of growing on me strangely.

Amen on the job situation.

Congrats on 18.5 lbs. If you need 2 or 3 more can I send you some of mine?

I agree on the leather pants, but I'd forgive Smokey just about anything if he's just look at me with those eyes a while longer.

The Pope can join Melissa Gilbert (yes, you were correct but I have to prevent her frog Googling herself and finding me. More to come on that.)