Saturday, March 7, 2009

Naughty naughty

This just in from Wisconsin, which is really no surprise considering everything strange, perverse, bizarre and grotesque seems to happen there. I think it is all the beer fumes.

WAUKESHA, Wis. - A New Berlin student accused of blackmailing other boys for sex in a scam that started on Facebook plans to plead not guilty on Monday.
Anthony Stancl is accused of posing as a girl on the social networking site and tricking his classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves. A criminal complaint says the 18-year-old then used the photos to blackmail the boys for sex acts.
Defense attorney Craig Kuhary says Stancl will plead not guilty during an arraignment Monday morning.
Kuhary previously said they would be open to talking about a plea agreement. He says he wants to see the state's evidence before deciding whether to begin discussions


Scott J. said...

Hey, want a naked picture of me?

Wait, I think I'm doing this wrong...

themom said...

I knew I shouldn't have sent those pictures!?!?!?

word verification: pubre

how's that for a word?

Mnmom said...

On Wisconsin!

Amy said...

Ha... the beer fumes...LOL

Little Sister said...

Waukesha...mmmmm, that is on an exit sign off 94 with Pewaukee. Great names for twins. KIDDING!