Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Me: 0 Poodle: 1

Getting a good night of uninterrupted sleep at the G-O casa has been a little scarce lately. Why, you ask? The culprit is a darling little 12 year old black miniature poodle named Louis. Louis has always slept with me, then us when we bought our house together. Until recently, this has not been a big problem. He's small, we're big. He's the dog, we're the people. This is how it should be.
Not anymore. Lately, it seems that instead of us allowing Louis to sleep in our bed, Louis seems to think that he is allowing us to sleep in his bed and with his rules. So, what has been happening is that when we roll over and pull the blankets, he is disturbed and growls. Or, worse yet, if we push him away with our legs when he is being a little bed hog, he really growls and gets ugly. Bad, bad, bad.
So, on Sunday night, I moved and pushed Louis and he went all growly ugly face on me. I had had enough. I sat up, and pushed him off the end of the bed on to the bench and told him "Off the bed!" (He knows what this means.) He immediately hopped back up and went to Curt's side of the bed. I reached over and picked him up. All hell broke loose- snarling, growling, squirming. So, I did my dominance thing and put him on his back, held him down until he calmed down, then told him "off the bed" and moved him to the bench. Silence and humility ensued. He apparently snuck back on to the bed on Curt's side later in the night, but without so much as a peep when Curt turned over.
Last night when we went to bed, I thought "Ah, the sweet silence of victory over poodle awaits me." Wrong. The growls were smaller, but still there. My next move is to trick him off the bed with a heated dog bed on the bench. He loves anything heated. We'll see how this goes.


Jay Simser said...

Now listen, He is 12 years old. Figure it out! You are there to meet his needs. You need to give in to him all the time. My Bailey is 13. He is the boss. I think you have to start seeing things from HIS perspective. Dogs should always win at least IMHO.
Good Luck!

Scott J. said...

Whooza bad boy? Whooza bad boy? You are, yes you are!

It just doesn't have the same ring to it.

themom said...

Better tune in to the "Dog Whisperer." He has ALLLLL the answers.

Little Sister said...

Scott J: I was thinking the same thing...MG punishing Louis?? Have you SEEN the portrait of him on his chaise?
MG: I am laughing and also sympathizing...the other night-when the wind was bad-everyone wanted Mom. Two dogs, the partner, Rex and me all together in one bed. I got NO sleep.

Mnmom said...

Two words: car aerial.

michaelg said...

MNMOM! Only children should be beaten with car aerials. Dogs are sweet defenseless little things that mean no harm. :o)

Mnmom said...

And that bite