Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Louis!

Claire, left; Birthday Boy Louis, right
Today is our dog Louis's 11th birthday! Not only did Curt bring home some special gravy, which they got after work today , he brought home some toys- a rubber hot dog and a big rubber donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. Louis got the donut; Claire got the hot dog.
There are bunch of things that make Louis a great dog, all of which I'm going tell you about right now. Okay, I'll pick just a few:
  1. He's terribly cute. He can't help it.
  2. He's fluffy and soft.
  3. He's knows his obedience commands.
  4. He's still really speedy after all these years.
  5. He always lets us know what he wants. Playing hockey with his dish is a little annoying sometimes, but it sends a clear message.
  6. He's a champ at the beauty parlor.
  7. He lets us call him all kinds of silly names and responds to baby talk.
  8. He is a blue ribbon kisser.
  9. He doesn't hog the bed- at least my side of the bed.
  10. He adores us in a way that makes me feel completely humbled.

I hope we have many more happy birthdays together.

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