Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Handle Stress Well and Other Lies I Tell Myself

Let's just say this was one crappy week at work. Lots of elements converged to stress me out in a way that hasn't happened in a long long time. I store my stress in my neck, shoulders and chest. I'm sure I'm clenching my ass really hard too the whole time, but it doesn't hurt like the rest of me.
I was supposed to have the day off on Friday, but needed to conduct an interview and work on a report for the CIO. So, by Friday afternoon, I was a hunched over, stiff necked, headachy monster and surly, surly, surly. Much to my relief, I got an appointment with a massage therapist at a local clinic who touched my neck and said "whoa" and then proceeded with caution. By the time he finished, I wasn't nearly well, but was at least mobile. Today, I am a sore and crucnchy monster. Crunchy monster? When I pull my shoulders back, my chest makes a series of crunchy popping noises that Curt can hear. Nasty. I think I'll try rolfing.


Melinda June said...

At least you're not like me. I try bourbon.

Mnmom said...

Michael - go take a nap in that beautiful backyard of yours.