Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Didn't I think of It?

It is brilliant I tell you.
So today after my kinda crappy week at work was over and having my hair cut and brows waxed, I sought out a massage. I found this pleasant place in Plymouth called The Massage Retreat that could take me on short notice. So, here's the deal- - brace yourself for a bit of marketing genius- - it is a membership based massage / facial / wax joint. The deal is, you pay about $50 a month as a member. With your membership you get a one hour massage of your choosing or facial of your choosing each month. If you don't use it in a given month, it rolls over to the next month. All other services used are steeply discounted (e.g.- a 90-minute hot stone massage for $59. The monthly rate is already about $30 less than I usually pay. How cool is that?? Not only does the business ensure that their massage therapists stay busy by getting people in the door regularly nearly guaranteeing the staff a steady income, the customer who always promises themselves a monthly massage but never gets one actually goes and gets one at a really reasonable rate.
Did I sign up? Uh, yes. And for signing up in August, I got a complimentary 90 minute hot stone massage in addition to my regular monthly massage. Fabulous.

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Mnmom said...

Am I supposed to feel sorry for your stressed ass? Hell, I can't even have privacy and relaxation in the bathroom. Ever try to take a dump while an eight year old is yelling questions at you through the door? Wow, I sound bitter. I think I'm actually jealous.