Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Gayification of Imogen Heap: It Was Bound to Happen

Okay, so as I am impatiently waiting for Imogen Heap to come out with a new CD, even though her 2006 release is still keeping her quite busy, I come across this on YouTube. This is from a choral competition apparently and is a group of (gay) boys from University of North Carolina singing Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek. So, even though I've never managed to sing in harmony since high school, I think it is worth making a few kind observations to make the viewing a little more enjoyable:
1. Listen for the falsetto about half way through. Don't skip there because it is all the more stunning if you let the anticipation build. I think the Holy Spirit or maybe Satan took control of his body and just caused him to sing out. Praise Jesus (or Satan or whoever caused this moment of hightened something or other)! has this definition of falsetto, see if it applies: an unnaturally or artificially high-pitched voice or register, esp. in a man.
2. Watch the boy on the left throughout the piece. During the first half, he appears as though he is holding back a state fair blue ribbon winning turd. Then, suddenly, after the falsetto he looks as though heis preparing to fist someone. Neither would be pleasant to watch if true.
3. If there are any straight boys in this ensemble, the gay boys have hidden them in the back row. (I, too, was a choir rocker in high school, as loathe as I am to think of it now. So, I can pick 'em at a hundred yards.) So, the problem this presents is that, if you check out the group's website bios, only one of them looks like a homo. Hmmmmm. Oh, and they have a CD out called "Polluted With Style." Judge for yourself.

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Mnmom said...

God Bless 'Em they are WONDERFUL! Is there such a thing as "straight-dar" because a few of them seemed non-gay to me. Extremely geeky yes, but gay not so much.