Saturday, August 4, 2007

Look What's Blooming Today

It has been trying really hard to rain today, but can't seem to do much more than spit. Of course, the plants under the heaviest tree cover are still parched. I'm probably going to do some more supplemental watering there this morning. Tree cover has one key advantage for hosta lovers like me- it really minimizes damage from hail. I've had summers in other homes where my hota get shredded by hail and look like hell all summer long. No fun. This year, we've had maybe two good thunderstorms and almost no rain in between. *sigh*

The top picture is a hosta called "Sum & Substance." My gardening friends will say 'well, duh," as this is probably the most popular gold hosta in the world. For those of you not in the know, it is a glorious variety that has the potential to be huge- about 3 feet high, six feet wide with leaves up to 18 inches across at maturity. Though it is common, it is still a favorite.
The lower picture is an heirloom lilium variety called 'Black Beauty'. Though it was only introduced to the market about 50 years ago it has been around for a while longer. Once established, this lily is pretty much indestructable and multiplies pretty rapidly to produce nice sized clumps. Love it!

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