Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can You Guess Who Said It?

From a speech in Lancaster, PA October 3:
"Your government is spending a fair amount of money, of your money, to research cellulosic ethanol. And that's a fancy word for using corn chips or switchgrass to be able to be the feedstock for new ethanol production. "
Hmmmmm. If you guessed our clueless "leader" Dubya, you get a gold star.
There are so many things to say about the "corn chips" business, but I'll have to refrain.
When will it end, you ask? When, oh, when? January 2009.


Mnmom said...

I hate him!!

michaelg said...

Hate is strong word. Are you sure you don't mean "dislike?" :o)

Mnmom said...

No, I really hate him as in I would cross the street to avoid him. Or maybe I'd walk right up and bitch-slap him. Both would feel good but one would land me in Gitmo.