Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update: Winter Fashion for Teenage Boys

It is done. I went out last night after my first Team Weight Loss adventure and bought some goods for the coats for kids project. First I tried Dick's Sporting Goods and my eyes nearly fell out. The cheapest jacket I could find was $130 and it was really poorly constructed. Everything else was a "high performance" jacket costing $225 up to $375. That is a crock o' poo!! Crock o' poo! What kind of activity requires a high performance winter jacket? Nobody should work that hard in the snow and cold. Feh.
So then I went around the corner to Land's End and hit pay dirt. I picked up a beautiful hooded black down jacket for just under $100 (take that Dick!), a warm feeling skull cap type hat and some nifty gray gloves. I was a little afraid to ask the opinion of the cashier, who turned out to be 16, after my battery of criticism that I faced last year, but I did anyway. She thought a 16 year old boy would really like the ensemble I picked out. Hooray!
Thanks to all of you for the advice you gave me. It definitely pointed me in the right direction. A boy from family Robertson, child 4 of 6, will be warm this winter!


Mnmom said...

YEAH FOR YOU and yeah for the teenage boy who will be warm AND fashionable thanks to you. High Performance??? For what, trolling the mall??? Loitering at Starbucks???

kirelimel said...

You are wonderful. You make me wish I was needy. or giving, I can't decide which. probably needy.