Monday, October 15, 2007

A Whole New Me!

So, I completely made up the title. *sigh* However, I did sign up for program at the gym this weekend that started tonight. The name is Team Weight Loss and is a combination of exercise, nutrition and education. It's a 12 week program where 8 of us theoretically support each other through the program to meet our goals. Why did I do this?

1. My waist size (starts with a 4) is now to the point that if I go one size up, all manufacturers assume that I have a 28 or 30 inch inseam. Have they never seen a tall fat guy?? If there was a Lane Bryant for men, I would shop there, but I will not go in to a big and tall shop for men.
2. I have man boobs that only go away if I pull my shoulders way back and arch my back in an uncomfortable way that is unpleasant to look at and sort of says "Anyone for some leche?"
3. I am tired all the time and have little energy to anything but wake up and go to work, then lounge in the evenings.
4. I have ZERO self control around eating things that I see- especially in candy jars that are strategically placed through all 16 floors of our office building.
5. I don't really even see fat on other people, but I'm really conscious of my own. I don't intend to be bone skinny, but I do want to get down around 200 lbs.

Each week, I am going to post my progress here. If I am losing weight, I don't want any praise, but if I'm not, I want shame. LOTS OF SHAME. Being raised Lutheran, this works. Start practicing now.

So, here is my before picture. I don't expect I'll look much different after losing some weight, maybe just a little saggier with a happier disposition.


Mnmom said...

Oh STOP! You are tall, dark, and handsome. You do NOT look like an oversized warlord from another galaxy. You know I'm doing the weight loss thing too so I'll support you. I'm down 16lbs on Weight Watcher's!

Melinda June said...

Man boobs are hot.

Mnmom said...

Michael - you are WAY taller than my husband and he looks good at 240lbs. Won't 200 be a bit thin for you??

kirelimel said...

I am laughing so hard at this whole post that I am snorting. I'll support you too- I've had some recent experience with the recieving end of Lutheran guilt and I think I'm more than ready to fling it at someone else.

Now strap those man boobs into some serious lycra and MOVE!!! I mean, what would your family say?
Do you ever think about them?

michaelg said...

MNMom- Congrats on 16 lbs!! I feel like Jabba on the inside and you've never seen me naked to know the full horror or even worse, slouched in a chair naked. Oh, and your husband is a hot Italian with the nose of a god who would look good at any weight. Apples and oranges.
Mindy- come suckle from my heaving man bosom while you have the chance.
Kirelimel- Spandex is a privelige not a right, and I have no right. I do wear bike shorts when biking out of necessity. But,I would only appear in a lycra unitard (ymmy!) if I deeply desired my audience to rip their eyes out. Now that might be a way to deal with my family.

Mnmom said...

Let's ALL go trick-or-treating in Lycra unitards and see how many people we can seriously scare!