Monday, October 8, 2007

America's Next Top Model Week 3 Update

This is Heather (autistic girl)!! She had another great week, coming in 2nd in the overall judging. I love this girl. Not only is she mildly autistic, she has an incredible sense of self awareness and works hard to overcome her disability. Go, autistic girl, go!
Next week, the ladies get their big makeovers. I LOVE THIS EPISODE! There are always several girls who get their hair completely chopped off. Even though they usually end up looking fabulous, they cry about it, then whine about it for the rest of the season. Their whining is usually one of the reasons they get sent home. You would think that the contestants would have learned something from past seasons, but, no. I love it.


Mnmom said...

Michael, Michael, Michael. Don't you have some quilting to do?
HEY! Al Franken will be speaking in Northfield tonight, Tuesday, and 7pm. Wanna come down??????

Melinda June said...

Is the fat girl still in the mix?

michaelg said...

Fattie is still in the mix, but is so not fat that she mostly just blends in. The only time you can tell she's the fattie is when you get a front view of her thighs or see her in a bra. There's a little back fat going on there.

Melinda June said...

Back fat. That's hot.