Sunday, April 20, 2008

14 Year Olds Playing Volleyball: Not as Spastic as You Might Think

Last night, Curt and I went to the Burnsville Volleyball Warehouse where we hooked up with MnMom who was watching one of her 14 year old twins play volleyball. I was expecting lots of flailing limbs, falling on the floor, crying (only saw it once) and general uncoordination. I was pleasantly surprised to see the girls running plays and showing some skills. I think Curt, who is still an 'A' ranked volleyball player at age 45, was even more pleasantly surprised. All in all, it was a fun evening, barring two small problems:

1. A mom from the opposing team was just plain rude and yelled things like "It's okay girls. You can do it. They're not very fast." Okay, first of all, you hag with man hands in your Chic high waisted mom jeans, these girls are 14 and this is league play. We're trying to encourage skill development and sportsmanship. I didn't see a sports scholarship in her daughter's future either. Secondly, we're sitting less then 18 inches from you. You do not want to see MNMom go after her car aerial and open a can of whoop ass all over you. You just don't'.

2. Both teams had nearly identical uniforms. It was hard for me to keep up with which side of the net our team was on. Couldn't one team have worn a dazzling broach to distinguish themselves from the other?? So, confusing. I suggested to MNMom that I could design fabulous new uniforms for the team, which reminded me of this clip from Kids in the Hall. This one is for you MNMom and twins-


Mnmom said...

OH PLEASE design some uniforms. Sparkly! Pink! with swingy skirts! And matching headbands.

Mnmom said...

Actually I haven't opened a can of whoop ass in many, many years and it might feel really good!