Friday, April 18, 2008

A Geek's Night Out

Because we're giant squares, Curt and I ventured out to Dave and Buster's for an evening of retarditude playing video games. Of course the place was filled to the brim with twenty somethings, all of whom were using D&B as a warm up to their late evenings out. Not so for us. We were in at 6:30 and out by 9:20. Yeah, baby. That's living dangerously.
So, it's not even 10:30 and I'm heading off to bed to read. No, not a great novel, but quilting magazines. I've a got a foot high stack of them on my night stand. Thank deity of your choosing I'm not able to sleep in clothes, because I'm pretty certain I would pick a flannel night gown at this point in my descent into old womanhood.
Tomorrow could be a slightly more exciting day. In the morning, I'm going to improve both my feng and my shui by doing some lighten my load (of stuff) activities followed by a trip to exciting St. Paul for the American Craft Council show. There will be potters, so I should perhaps keep my credit cards locked up. Nah.

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Mnmom said...

Let's go to the same nursing home when that time comes, OK? We'll have such a good time.
Last night I played 3 games of CLUE with the hubby and 8-year-old, then off to bed at 10:30pm. We're geeks, and we love it. Let us revel in our dorkitude.