Monday, August 25, 2008

Bits o' My Head

1. I am Ruth-less. My friend Ruthie, of farting fame, and her son moved from Decorah to Illinois to live with her fiance and his two boys. I've known Ruthie since I was four. She is a rock- one of the strongest women I know, has a killer sense of humor, always lands on her feet, does everything with a signature ferocity, but always out of love, and has been a great friend all these years. I'm going to miss her a lot on my trips back to Decorah.

2. I've been vascilating between anger, joy and maudlin weepiness for the past three days. At least there is some joy in there. The weepiness is good, too. At least I think I'm feeling things that I thought the ongoing family drama had erased.

3. Our dog Claire refuses to learn anything because she knows we're not going to stop feeding her or loving her. She is a clever thing.

4. I took a walk with my employee C around Lake Harriet tonight. She's nifty. We like her.

5. Only 3 more work days until we leave for Leech Lake for a 5 day weekend. Woo hoo!


Madame Leiderhosen said...

Hey, Honey.
1. Make Ruthie start a blog. Now THAT's an adventure worth documenting.

2. Maybe it's in the air; I've been very much on that same groove as well this week. I am so sorry that we can't maintain the same emotion for two hours running, but am very glad you still feel. I wish you were closer, plenty of good walks around here and comfort food by the metric ton. Nothing like mac and cheese (or pulled pork) and ocean to make family drama seem a little less pointy.

5. Enjoy the long weekend; sounds like Heaven.

Mad love & affection,
Mdme. L.

Mnmom said...

1. Me too. Sorry I'm just a watered-down version.
2. Me too again! End of summer is always a sad time for me and I'm not sure why. Plus I have teenage girls. Do you have PMS and perimenopause too?
3. Cats don't DO tricks.
4. That IS so lovely, why didn't hubby and I do that sooner??
5. Have a great time!! We'll be tubing in Decorah.