Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Crabby Old Queen Is Back Sort Of

I'm back, but mostly because I got stranded for an extra night in lovely Appleton, WI and I'm bored here in my hotel room. I have to report that I did have a great dinner this evening at a restaurant called Koreana. In fact it was so great that it was the second night in a row that I had the exact same meal. Koreana, as you might have guessed, is a Korean restaurant, but with a fabulous sushi bar. The meal? A cup of miso soup, white tuna tataki with raw veggies in a citrus soy sauce, and the Magic Crunch roll- tuna, salmon, cucumber, tempura crunch, nori wrapped in rice rolled in flying fish roe, and drizzled with a spicy sauce. It was marvelous. And in typical white person fashion, I am talking about eating sushi. Go figure.

One funny thing that happened during my hiatus was the curious incident of my employee C and the sweet corn at our department picnic last week. C and I had volunteered to go to the site early with some others to help get set up for the cookout and games. I was asked to purchase enough sweet corn for the department, which I delivered to the site, but had to ask C and others to husk and get ready for grilling because of an errand I needed to run. When I returned from my errand, I came back to find C sort of bent over near the picnic table with an ear of sweet corn in one hand held out in front of her at about waist level and the other hand held out while a male co-worker poured olive oil into it. She then took her oily hand and rubbed it back and forth on the sweet corn. When each ear was sufficiently oiled, she put it into an aluminum pan. She grabbed the next ear of sweet corn and repeated the process. I looked around to see that two other male co-workers were standing around watching C stroke the corn with her oily hand. Hmmmm. When C happened to catch my glance, I raised an eyebrow, looked at her, looked at the men and looked back at her. She was instantly horrified that she had been standing before a group of men simulating a hand job with an ear of corn not once but nearly two dozen times. She looked at me and said, "I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be doing this." I said, "Oh, just finish you only have a few left." At this point, our semi-creepy co-worker says "Let me put more oil on your hands and it will go faster." SWEET! C turned bright red, finished the last ear of corn and promptly excused herself to go wash her hands. If I were a really good boss, I would have volunteered to step in to help her finish the corn; but I'm not a really good boss, I'm just a good boss.


Madame Leiderhosen said...

Oooooh, marvelous! You and your expressive eyebrows!
I am sitting here pantsless (post-knitting/drinking group) in the dark, giggling. See? Where can I get such entertainment?!?! I missed you, Darling M!

Melinda June said...

So glad you're back.

That poor woman. Such bad judgment. The rest of her career she'll be the corn-job woman.

Mnmom said...

The Queen is Back! Long live the Queen!
Poor corn job woman. You've now made me hungry for sushi.