Tuesday, August 19, 2008


If I didn't return your phone calls this weekend, and there were some- my apologies- this is why. We started this project last weekend when we removed all the old plant materials and potted them up, ripped out the old rotting railroad ties and removed about a ton of landscaping rock and had it hauled away.

This past weekend, we built the walls, removed about a half ton of bad dirt, added about another half ton of soil amendments to the remaining dirt and replanted the perennials and added a few more. Whew! This area has been bugging us since we bought the house. So, we are thrilled to finally have it done.

The project also involved me learning to use a new power tool- a paver saw! It is basically a big circular saw that has water spraying on the blade to keep it cool while cutting through the wall bricks. Cool! I have to say that my performance with the saw was nearly lesbian in its precision, despite my squealing quietly in fear every time I turned it on.


Mnmom said...

Did you put any vegetables in there you lesbian you?? It looks marvelous and will make a stunning backdrop of Fiesta-oriented decor on the 6th!

Can we schedule a dinner out with you, John, Curt, and I very soon? What's your schedule for this weekend or perhaps Thursday night?

Dale said...

Now that's impressive. I pick up the phone and get other people to do that stuff. I can't be trusted around power tools or to do anything right.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Well done! Very, very nice and well done with the saw. You get butch points for that.
Mdme. L.