Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early Birds

Today, I got back around 2:00 to do some work from home. It's quieter and I fidget less at home. Anyway, that isn't the point. The point is that when I looked out the window, there were 4 robins sitting on the lawn. They usually don't make an appearance here until late march. But, it got even more strange. I looked up in the trees and there are about 25 robins hanging out, flying around and singing at the top of their lungs. I know some robins have begun to hang out here for winter, but 25 of them and in my back yard? Global warming. Yup. Global frickin warming. Curt would say that I need to release less gas into the environment, but I don't think that is much of a factor. (There is another blogger that I'm a little worried about on that front. Eh hem.) As a minor bird enthusiast, I've been reading a lot about species that are migrating further north than usual and not migrating or only migrating this far south in winter. Robins in Minnesota in February 20 years ago were unheard of. Makes one think. Hmmmm.


Endurance Diva said...

I've heard that some robins are actually STAYING around! Yep, RJ and her explosive methane episodes are the cause of global warming. Yet she continues to eat things like Chicago dogs with peppers!

This is Mnmom by the way.

themom said...

Global warming??? Could be, but I'm betting that just "can't afford to fly south anymore." Damn recession. :)