Friday, February 6, 2009

The Flatulent Wildcat

This week, the benevolent C revealed to me that she has taken a younger lover. She is 44. He is 26. She told me that he guessed her age to be 30. I suspect her pants came off by the time he reached the second syllable of thir-ty. I mean, really, whose wouldn't? He is either a little clueless or very, very clever. We celebrated the fact that she is now officially a cougar, though she said she would rather be a MILF (as if there is more dignity in that). I had to remind her that she has no children. She decided she's happy with cougar because with her karma she knows her children would have two heads, possibly more. I suspect that with our fetus-in-fetu fascination, she might be right. Then in the next breath, she told me that she has been having horrible gas- the kind that peels paint. I had to ask her to remind me why she's been single for so long.


Amy said...

Now this is funny.... hell yes, the pants had to be off before finishing thirty... heck even if he said 35 the pants would be off. Yea for the cougar!!! And nothing worse than gas that peels paint, unless you are refinishing furniture - ha.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Hoorah for C. and her lack of pants! Well done!

Dale said...

I can smell her from here!