Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl: My Observations

1. Curt Warner's wife sure doesn't look like the spiky haired lesbian she did 10 years ago. What happened? I liked that look because I imagined her making Curt her pantie-clad bitch at home.

2. The Cardinals pants fit better than the Steelers pants. Lots better.

3. When the announcers say things like "He always manages to get penetration," I have to suppress the 12 year old within from giggling.

4. There was a good amount of skipping, grabbing of butts, man piles and hugging. Nice.

5. Why more players don't find an excuse to pat Larry Fitzgeralds fine butt is beyond me.

6. If the Vikings aren't playing, I tend to root for the team with the cutest quarterback. I was rooting for the Cardinals this year.

7. Two commercials stuck with me: The Doritos crystal ball and the Budweiser Clydesdale pursuing Daisy the dancing horse. I like nacho cheese and animals.


Little Sister said...

Remind me to watch the Superbowl with you next year-WAY more entertaining.

Mnmom said...

Me too! I like to watch the mens and their tight ends and wide receivers.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

I am so coming over to your house.

Amy said...

Nothing finer than a mans ass in a tight pair of football pants. )Of course it has to be a tight ass not a fat ass) I had to clarify because not all men look so yummy in football pants.

themom said...

Even though we rooted for opposing teams...I see where you are going with this little post. Tsk...tsk!!

I think Warner's wife gave up the spikey do - when they were born again!!!!!