Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Thoughts

1. Very shortly my 43rd birthday will be over. That's okay. It was a good day.

2. My soon to be former boss and his senior leaders surprised me today. They gave me a send off gift of a $100 gift card to Kincaids and a really sweet card filled with nice words from them. That was unexpected and very thoughtful. I'm not even leaving the department. I'll just be in a different position that doesn't work directly with that group any more. It's nice to be missed in advance. I take back almost all the horrible things I've ever said about them.

3. Curt and I went to see Spring Awakening tonight. I really liked it, but didn't love it. At intermission, Curt and I both looked at each other and said almost in unison "Does Martha look like Mary Katherine Gallaghers best friend in Superstar?" We were both half expecting her to sing her song about incest with a lateral syllable displacement while knocking girls down with a basketball.

4. We have a foreign contractor in the office who hasn't discovered the proper etiquette about the amount of cologne to wear to work. Holy shit. You can smell him for a long, long time after he has left the area. One need not be a bloodhound to find this guy.

5. I have a massage appointment tomorrow morning with my new favorite therapist Conan. Despite the name, Conan is a spritely little fellow whose hands get really excited when he comes across a knot in my back. His trigger point work is flawless. I've also had facialists at the same place get really excited when they find a blackhead to extract. They clearly interview for passion.

6. Facebook, while fun, can be kind of a time sucker. I'm visiting with people I haven't visited with in a long time, so that's cool. And, I posted a zitty photo of my self from the 10th grade with a friends permed afro photoshopped over my own hair. I thought it was really funny until I got a message in my inbox that proclaimed "I remember that perm on you!" Shit.


janban said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I did send a card but maybe a little too late.
Should I reserve a room the first weekend in June for GAGBRAL? I will need it by then.

Iguana Banana said...

Are you telling me that you showed up here AFTER a massage? I fear that all of that time and good feelings may have quickly been destroyed with the lovely chaos that is my home. Had I known that you were taking time destroying the knots in your back I would have taken time to remove the Littles from my home... I am so sorry!

Melinda June said...

Did you not have a perm? I imagine you with a perm.

michaelg said...

I had a perm, just not Julie's afro.

michaelg said...

I had a perm, just not Julie's afro.