Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unday Say Andom Ray Oughts Thay

1. The benevolent C and I took a cross country ski lesson at French Regional Park yesterday. Glorious day, for winter. During the instruction about using our poles (ski poles, Scott), we were instructed to fully extend our arms and lean our weight into the poles. The instructor asked "Now, where are you feeling the tension?" No one answered. C then responded, "In my butt?" The correct answer was shoulders. I can't take her anywhere, and yet everywhere could be fun.

2. We've been having robin sightings in our yard. It's January. I guess some robins will hang around marshes during the winter, and there is one near by. However, I've also read that many of the hangers-on will die. So, Michael to the rescue. I run out and buy $45 worth of freeze dried mealworms, rush out to the yard, sprinkle some on the ground near the feeders, sprinkle some on the ground near the pond and turn around to see our dog Claire gleefully gobbling them up under the feeders. No kisses for you, naughty girl.

3. My butt hurts today from #1 above but I think is about a full 2 inches higher in elevation. If I keep this up, I might have a nice ass by springtime under all my fat.

4. I'm trying to get Curt to sign up on Facebook, but need a better sales pitch. So far it has included "It is completely stupid, but kind of fun." That one didn't work. How else would you describe it?

5. On Facebook, my brother asked one of his friends about her profile picture like this "How are you suppose to attract men if you've got this "Damn. my dildo broke again" look on your face?" Should I use this as propaganda to attract Curt to Facebook? I tried. He still hasn't signed up but was deeply amused by my brother.

6. Chastising MNMom's teens for their Facebook grammar has, I'm sure, quickly made me their most popular friend. But, really, don't you have to speak up when someone writes "JC is blaaaa Sunday" or "MC is paranoia runs deep." ?? My god, it's an outrage. I may lose my first Facebook friends, but probably not my last. Must consult that damn Carnegie book again.

7. I finally purchased tickets to the touring version of Spring Awakening. I've been enjoying the sound track for a while now. Mostly though, I just love Duncan Sheik. He is fine and talented- a splendid combination.

8. I resisted the urge to clean again today. Who am I kidding? I have no urge to clean. I just didn't clean again. Need to improve in this area.


Mnmom said...

1. According to #3, sounds like C was right the first time.
4. Tell him it's like having little 5 minute parties with all your best friends, without the housecleaning and extra shower.
5. I have that look sometimes.
6. Keep me posted! And keep on them about their grammar - I can't do it all alone.
7. Wh-huh?
8. That's OK, I did enough for both of us, including the freezer, the pantry, and the spice cupboard.

Scott J. said...

U R whack!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

I am glad for the update on your tuckus.

Scott J. said...

Also - Curt, don't you want to be cool? Like us? I thought you were cool, man.

(If that doesn't get him...)

Dale said...

You're going to love Spring Awakening. Or not. I did though and saw it twice in NY. It's touring here too at some point in the next few months. After seeing the show I had the soundtrack in my hands in minutes.