Monday, January 5, 2009

Defranco who?

I ended up dragging my lazy ass to the gym after what seems like a long time away. Part of it has been that I've been sick more or less since getting back from El Salvador at the end of October (I have been to the gym since, thank you) and the other part is that I hate going out in the cold and dark and other such excuses for not going. Wah wah wah. So I went and about 25 minutes into my cardio who appears on the video monitor but frickin' Stevie Nicks singing Stand Back. How great is that? Twirl, Stevie, Twirl! I love her. You knew that but it seems to bear repeating every time she comes up. But, Stevie wasn't the whole point of this post, or didn't start out to be, so I'll move on.
On the way home, I'm flipping through the channels on satellite radio because that obnoxious Phil Collins is singing on 80's at 8 and some Sugar Ray song is on 90's on 9. So, I flip to the 70's on 7 and who do you suppose is playing but the Defranco Family. Yes, the Defranco Family singing Heartbeat It's a Love Beat. Remember that? I most definitely had that 45 because Tony was dreamy and they had some moves on American Bandstand. So, out of morbid curiosity, I Google the Defranco Family. I half expected to see a series of tragic stories about how one was crushed under a horse and another was bludgeoned by an obsessed fan and another was a lonely drunk with a big gut terrorizing neighbors by masturbating in the picture window as their kids stand at the bus stop. But, no, I was denied my train wreck and got THIS instead. Can you believe it? An entire web site with MP3s and all and a store on the way. And they still do gigs? Be sure to watch the VH1 video to see some of their moves. I love it. There is about 2 seconds where you see Tony doing some robot moves. Hot? Not.

So, this is how I waste my free time when I could be cleaning. Now you know.


Mnmom said...

I loved them!! And loved that song. I would have scratched your little gay eyes out and climbed over your dead body to get to Tony DeFranco. Guess I just have it in for those lovely Italian men!

brenda k said...

I had the album growing up! On the back of the 33 jacket (frisbee size record)they had this promo called "Room for one More" or something to that effect. They had a picture of all of them and then this dotted outline of a person that could be "you". You could enter and become one of them! I don't remember what the rules for that little contest were - but needless to say - I didn't win! I hear them alot actually on Sirius. MG - We have the exact same line up - 70's, 80's or 90's - those are always my first spin through when I get in the car - then classic vinyl is pretty good -

Scott J. said...

I'm pretty sure I have a copy that on CD, still, but I don't actually remember hearing that song, growing up.

Want your mind to be blown just a little bit more? Cherly Ladd has a site with mp3's, as well. Cheryl freaking Ladd! There's a great video on YT of her duet with Rick Springfield, with Rick wearing a neon pink suit.

Sweet love showing us a heavenly light!

Dale said...

It was a classic song and the Defrancos belong to Canada so keep your paws off them! Okay, you can borrow them.