Thursday, January 1, 2009

At Last A New Year

Welcome, 2009!

I'm looking forward to a new year. I no longer have parents, so I'm pretty certain I won't be surprised by a parental passing again this year. So, really, it can only get better than 2008.

That's not to say that I didn't have a good year with great travels, great friends, another great gardening year, great pooches, a great partner and a reasonably great job. My dad's death over shadowed the last half of the year is all. I guess that is natural. I miss him.

The other day I was watching a video of my sister's wedding from 1990 just to see my parents in action. At one point in the receiving line there was a gap in the handshaking and I could see my dad make eye contact with someone across the room and make some goofy face that appeared to involve rolling his eyes. He was never one for the kind of formality of getting into a tuxedo and graciously shaking hand after hand. He kindly did it for each of my sisters, but I'm guessing he didn't enjoy a second of it. I also was able to hear my mom on the video. I miss her voice and her laugh. *sigh*

I've got a lot to look forward to in 2009. I just accepted a new position at work starting the middle of January. It is a lateral move, but will expand my knowledge of the company ten fold and give me something a little different to do. After five years doing roughly the same thing, I'm ready for a change.

We're also planning more travel this year. In February, we're going back to Puerto Vallarta with Curt's sister and her new love thang. He's 55 but really damn cute. We'll have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't get stolen when we go on Diana's big gay boat cruise. For August, we just booked a 13 day European cruise. We booked on Norwegian cruise lines, but I was puzzled by the fact that there were no bunads, rosemaling or lefse bars to be found on the online photo gallery. What gives with that? (Anyone want to join us? So far it's just Curt and me.) I'm also going to apply to lead a Habitat build in El Salvador this year.

So, do I have any resolutions for this year? Hmmmmm. I'm not going to vow to lose weight, though I'll try. I have resolved though to spend more time with family, particularly my aunts on my mom's side. I am also committing to making use of my embarassingly large fabric stash, to include some quilts for Lutheran World Relief. My mom used to make quilts with her circle at church for them. So, I figure that with all my bounty of fabric I should at least contribute a few.

I'm rambling aimlessly. My best wishes to each of you for a happy and healthy new year!


Madame Leiderhosen said...

Stash reduction? Will you document this?

It's been lovely following you this year and I wish you all the best. And lots of glorious travels.

BTW: Is that a Schatz image?

michaelg said...

Schatz? I don't know. I call it coopted from another blog.

I will try to document some of the stash reduction if I ever actually make anything. Just came home with another $125 in fabric. (@#$^@#!#!) I'll talk about my big purge later in another post. It involves getting rid of much fiberous thingys on

janban said...

Sounds like you have some FABULOUS trips planned. We will probably go somewhere fun next year for our 20th anniversary. But then again, we will have one in college so maybe it won't be so grand.
For what its worth, I miss Mom and Dad too. Take care!!

Melinda June said...

You didn't mention when you're coming to Chicago.

Dale said...

The trips sound excellent, I'm busy trying to think of where to go or not go with my partner this year.

Happy New Year Michael!