Monday, December 29, 2008

Middle Age: Phase 1

Remember all the times that you were innocently listening to music in your room and your folks yelled at you to "Turn that racket down!", or the number of times they said "I don't know how you can listen to that garbage! You can't even hear the words!" And, in reply, we rolled our eyes, sighed heavily and thought "You are so old and uncool." Well, clearly that brand of fuddy duddy-ness has set in on yours truly. I've always admitted to being stuck in the musical past. Tonight, I slipped beyond that into something much darker.
So, there I was in my car flipping through channels on the satellite radio until I find The Blend- a mix of pop and alternative current tunes. I'm listening, listening and the song is starting to drive me crazy and I'm thinking things to myself like "Good lord, why doesn't he just clear his throat before he sings?" and "God these lyrics are just stupid" and "What is the point of this song?" and "I think he's trying to sound British or something equally affected." Out of curiosity, I checked the songs artist and title. Artist: Thriving Ivory. Title: Angels on the Moon. Both these things set off a flurry of new thoughts like "What a stupid name for a band" and "What a retarded name for a song. No wonder the lyrics make no sense." It was ugly and I started to feel really uncool and parental in my judgments. So, I switched over to the ever reliable 80's on 8 where all is right with the world and I know all the lyrics to Bust a Move by Young MC. Yeah. I'm cool.


Miss Kate said...

I have to de-lurk (via Google Reader) for this one: I just turned 30, and I TOTALLY DO THE SAME THING. A day listening to KDWB is pure torture for me.

Even worse, I now do what my mom does and critique a movie mid-viewing. "Oh, that's sooo unrealistic!" Not good, I say, not good.

(PS: I love reading your blog - your sense of humor cracks me up!)

Little Sister said...

I was riding with 11 yr old and "I Wanna be Sedated" came on the radio. I cranked it up full volume and proceeded with my Mosh Pit at the wheel dance. He thought I was insane and I did nothing to squelch the assumption. Oh so much fun.

brenda k said...

My radio in the truck almost never leaves the 70's on 7, or the '80's on 8. My poor husband has caught the wrath of changing the channel so many times that he doesn't even try anymore (unless I leave the vehicle for a second and return - he almost always will change the station like I won't notice!) I strangely found myself listening to elevator music yesterday on the way home. Yeah - I picked it. Scrolled through the channels and actually landed the plane on the elevator station. Where thousands of people will just listen and never be able to de-board. Still trying to figure that one out!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

"(mutter mutter) these days!...(mutter)"

You've got me beat; I am stuck in the 40s on channel 4.

I'll send you your official Old Coot Membership Card today.

Scott J. said...

If you start yelling at clouds, that's when you need to start worrying.

themom said...

I surf between Country and Oldies...I'm so fickle. Happy New Year!!