Thursday, December 11, 2008


I had the dreaded bone marrow biopsy today. As I suspected, it hurt like hell. The first part when they take the sample of the bone marrow core wasn't so bad. The second part where they suck out the liquid part of the marrow was really, really painful. To make it worse, they did it three times to get the required number of samples. The sucking of the liquid part was described to me as a sensation of pressure. Oh no, no,no. It was rather like a cold serrated ice pick being twirled around in the bone. Ouch!

The next step is waiting for results. I already got my blood work back. Everything except the platelets looks normal again. So, this is good news.


Little Sister said...

Mmmm...a sensation of pressure and a sensation of a cold serrated ice pick being twirled around...I wonder how many bone marrow biopsies that person has actually had!

Mnmom said...

Those lying bastards!!!

And delivering a baby is just some gentle pressure and some easy pushing.

How are you today? I thought about you Thursday morning but apparently my good kharma didn't ease your pain. Guess I'm not as powerful as I presumed.

There's a Messiah Sing-a-long at Central Lutheran in downtown Mpls on Dec. 20th. Interested?

Scott J. said...

If that had been me, as soon as they pulled out the marrow Tool of Torture, I would have said something like, "Y'know, I suddenly feel a lot better. I think I'll um... I'll just head home now. Thanks!"

I hope things turn out well.

suzieQ said...

Isn't it nice they way we medical people tend to gloss over things a bit. It's hard to tell your patient, "This will hurt like a b**ch." I'm glad you had the guts to go thru it-some people don't.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Oh, Honey. That sounds like a most disturbing sensation. I hope you are feeling better.

Dale said...

I used to love that show "The Operation". The thing that stopped me loving it was during a hip replacement surgery when they sucked the bone marrow out of the joint. The sound was worse and more horrifying than a dentist's drill will ever be.

I hope you're feeling better and the good news gets gooder and gooder.