Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happiest of holidays to everyone! This little birdie gifted me this morning by sitting in the arborvitae right outside the dining room window long enough that I could get a good picture of him. What a treat!
Curt and I are celebrating tonight with an early dinner at my favorite spot Kincaid's followed by gift opening. I have no idea what Curt got me since I barely put anything on my list except bird feeding stuff. So, this should be exciting. I got Curt one thing from his list and two other things that I know he needs. I like surprising him with things not requested.
Tomorrow, we head to Monticello, MN for Christmas day with Curt's family. They are a wonderful, civilized bunch. We always get our fill of good homey food and great humor. If we're lucky we'll play cards, which with Curt's family is a blood sport considering they are all as competitive as Curt. I've seen broken nails and lots of name calling during these games. All in good fun though.
My best to all of you this holiday season! Stay warm and enjoy friends and family!

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