Monday, December 1, 2008

Please give a big blogging welcome to......

...SUZIEQ at Tomorrow is Another Day! It took her years to master e-mail so her entry into blogging is a particularly proud moment for her and her family. Please shower her with comments and other blogging love in celebration of this achievement.

Oh, and strongly encourage her to post the photo she recently received from Brenda for her 4X birthday. It might be a few long months before the scanner skills come up to par, so ongoing encouragement will be helpful.


Scott J. said...

Your link is bloggered - extra 'http://wwww' stuff in there. Nonetheless, I shall visit Suz's site and tease her mercilessly.

Brenda said...

she has an awesome start! That suzie will be running circles around us pretty soon!

Her latest post - definately worth reading once or twice.