Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Thoughts For Sunday

1. In the car today, I was observing the snow and caught myself worrying about my father. I was thinking to myself "Well I hope he is careful so he doesn't slip and fall on the snow." He's been gone 6 months almost to the day and I still have trouble getting accustomed to the idea.

2. I am in Appleton, Wisconsin for work. I flew over this evening and will be here for two days. I always start to miss Curt about an hour after I arrive. Not sure if I express my love for him enough when I'm home, but I sure do think about it when I'm away. Need to work on this.

3. Today was a glorious day at the bird feeders. The thought crossed my mind about what to call the flocks of various birds that show up. So, I found this site with all kinds of animal group names. I learned that I may have had a charm of gold finches, a small descent of woodpeckers (two hairy woodpeckers to be precise, but I did see a monstrous pileated woodpecker on the cottonwood next door and nearly wet myself), and a dray of squirrels. Perhaps during the summer months, I might have a stray flamboyance of flamingos in the pond. Unlikely, but you just never know.

4. I need to lose weight. Yeah, I know. Whine, whine, whine. I know how to do it. I know a lot about it from watching all the right programs on TV. But will I just do it? Apparently not because my fat clothes have gotten tight. *sigh*

5. We saw the film 'Australia' on Wednesday night starring Nicole Kidman and sexiest man alive Hugh Jackman. Clearly the director knew exactly what he had in Hugh because there are many gratuitous shirtless Hugh scenes, scenes with Hugh in sweaty tight fitting shirts, wet Hugh scenes. Our friend Marina and I swear that the scene of soapy Hugh pouring a bucket of water over himself was in slow motion, but we're told by Curt it was not. I guess for Marina and I we were blessed with a time-stood-still moment when the bubbles were rinsing down Hugh's back. Perhaps I will buy this film on DVD just for these scenes. Oh, and Nicole Kidman did a nice job too if anyone cares.


suzieQ said...

To give a nod to my anal retentiveness, OCD or whatever, tomorrow is a Monday and the first of the month - always a good time for me to start a new, healthy lifestyle. I once again (and again and again) renew my commitment to get my big butt out of bed on the morning and exercise before work. Heaven help me. I'll use the upcoming 25th (what the #$%&%?????) reunion as an incentive.

suzieQ said...

PS - I managed to respond to the tag - just barely. You'll have to check it out.

Dale said...

Whatever you do, don't eat like a bird! Don't they actually eat your body weight every day or something?

I read a few reviews of 'Australia' but none quite so focused as yours, haha.

michaelg said...

Okay SuzieQ. I'm starting today. Should I plan a restart every first of the month?

Dale- Shit. Apparently, I've been eating like a bird. (Just to be clear though, I think they eat their body weight every day, not mine.)

Mnmom said...

Welcome to SuzyQ - I'll visit soon.
I saw that bit of Mr. Jackman pouring water from a bucket and it seemed so contrived and silly. Yes he's beautiful but do they have to be so blatant about it? What are the words I'm looking for here? It was a cheap and easy shot for the film makers. No imagination.

michaelg said...

MNMom- Is there a problem with cheap easy shots that involve Hugh Jackman soapy and wet?? Your point?? I'm not a huge Baz Luhrman fan, so the cheesy elements just reminded me that I was watching a Baz Luhrman film.